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My story starts out like most typical overachievers: 3 sport athlete getting a 4.0 while starring in all the school musicals. Getting accepted Early Decision to Columbia University, double majoring, then graduating early because I just couldn't *wait* to enter the workforce.

I plowed forward in my career, working with Tao Group starting in2005 when they were still a tiny startup, learning the ropes of the Hospitality industry and making partner at the age of 27. My nose forever to the proverbial grindstone, and my nights spent in the VIP section of NYC's hottest clubs took a toll on me emotionally and physically but there was no slowing me down. I was on a mission to succeed and it was working. I was working shoulder to shoulder with the titans of the industry and getting to manage big, exciting projects. It wasn't until 2013 when a fateful visit to my gynecologist revealed a cardiac abnormality that I had to truly step back and revisit my life.

Heart surgery in May 2013 led me to  an 18 month sabbatical during which time I furthered my yoga education (I had already become a yoga instructor during my "free time"), became a Certified Holistic Health Coach, an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, and traveled to (where else)  India for an extended soul-searching adventure. I taught yoga & meditation and counseled clients one on one while living in the actual capital of taking it easy, New Orleans. During this time I felt my soul begin to heal and blossom, but something was missing. I missed the hustle and bustle of NYC. I missed closing deals and leading a team. In short, I missed ME.

With the knowledge and practices I had gained during my deep immersion into self-care and mindfulness, I was ready to return to NYC and to my former life as a brand builder and sales superstar. But we make plans and God laughs, right? Before I had time to settle back in, I found out I was pregnant with my first child and had to navigate pregnancy, maternity leave, child-care, identity crises, and career transitions as a working mom. The challenges we face as parents - particularly working parents - cannot be understated. The wealthiest among us “lean in” while the majority of us burn out. But there is a better way and that is my mission: is to empower busy people to infuse their often overwhelming lives with ease and joy.


My approach is practical and unpretentious. I’m fully versed in the woo-woo world of wellness and deeply connected to spirit,  but apply the esoteric to the inherently practical: tricky conversations with your boss, financial stress, finding resilience after loss, and time management. I’ll advise you on crystals and a 401k package in the same breath because at the end of the day: it’s all self care.  I share relatable stories and actionable tools that enable you to live the Full Plate Full Cup lifestyle so more and more of us can stop suffering and start thriving. As Oprah would say:  if there's one thing I know for sure it's that you must fill your own cup in order to have anything leftover to give to the world.

After many years of running on empty, I proudly proclaim: My cup runneth over.




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